A Newcomer’s Guide To San Francisco

When foreigners think about cities in the United States, they typically think about the biggest ones: New York and Los Angeles. That’s a shame because one of the greatest cities in America is San Francisco. With its combination of culture, fun, history, and weather, it’s hard to beat the City by the Bay.

 That’s why you're starting to pack everything up and move there. But before you hit the road, read on to discover some local tips and places you must go once you officially live in San Francisco. First, it helps to find some movers. 

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Make The Move Easier

When you were in college, you can handle moving by yourself. But that was back when you were younger and had much less stuff to pack up and move. That’s why you really need to find a reputable moving company for help. HireAHelper offers several tips for moving in the San Francisco area: avoid moving in the summer months on a Friday or Saturday toward the end of the month, as those are the busiest moving times.

 Before you reach the city, Sparefoot.com recommends you know a few tips about San Francisco. For example, you need to know what neighborhood you are moving into. The Marina is home to many kids fresh out of college, while you can find plenty of hipsters in the Mission neighborhood. Many restaurants close around 10:00 P.M., but the cuisines there are amazing.

San Francisco is also a very dog-friendly town, so if you have a pet dog, both of you will find plenty to do.

Local Weather & Transportation Tips

Before you can start exploring the city, you should be prepared for local weather and transportation. That’s why Business Insider offers some advice for people moving to San Francisco.

 Fog is typical in the city. That means the temperature can get cold in the morning and evening, even if the daytime was warm. While this isn’t the Pacific Northwest, the fog can lead to wet weather. Carrying a jacket almost always make sense.

 You also need to know the difference between BART and MUNI. BART is a mass transit system that covers much more than San Francisco. However, it does not reach popular destinations like Golden Gate Park. MUNI includes buses, the famous cable cars, and light rail within the city.

What To Do In The City

Once you have the weather and transportation figured out, it’s time to go out and explore your new hometown! But where should you start? Despite the fog, San Francisco has plenty of great outdoor experiences to enjoy. Take a cruise in the bay to enjoy the great sights, including Alcatraz. Drive north to explore the Redwoods and Sequoias in Muir Woods. And make sure you spend a lot of time in Golden Gate Park.

 But this is a city, so there are plenty of things you can do in the urban environment. Thrillist has a list of must-have experiences in San Francisco, such as:

  • Drive down the famously crooked Lombard Street.
  • Ride a cable car (but be prepared for plenty of tourists).
  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge on a sunny day.
  • Enjoy the Asian influences on the city with some of the best dim sum in the country.

Go Enjoy Your New Town

Moving to San Francisco is a lot easier when you hire local movers. But once you are there, take some time to explore your new hometown. Once you’ve mastered the local transportation system, visit some of the great outdoor and indoor experiences in the City by the Bay. This is your home now, so go out and enjoy it!

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