FJ II Selfie Light

December 5th, 2017


I love selfies. I love seeing pictures of my friend's
selfies. It not only makes the subject feel great but to me, a selfie
shows off confidence. Whenever someone posts a picture of
their self, it’s encouraging. It screams self-love and that is so
That being said, the selfie can be tricky. Getting the right light
and angles can drive anyone just wanting a nice picture of their
new haircut bonkers. Many people are particular about how they
look in their selfies, and the last thing you want to do is make
yourself feel less confident. With the age of technology the way it
is, we should be able to take a proper selfie. Easily.
Well fret not, my selfies obsessed friends, we have the cure. The
FL II! This is a
small, compact, circular light that clamps on to your phone and
gives you the perfect light for that perfect selfie.
It is rechargeable, uses small LED lights, in both fluorescent and
warm lighting that is adjustable in brightness, which gives you
complete and total customization so you can get just the right
lighting to show off that blinding new highlight.
As an added bonus, the LED lights surround a mirror for those
touch-ups on the go, or to fix that smudged lipstick before you
snap your picture.
The only thing I can see being an issue is the mirror. There isn’t
a convenient way to protect the mirror so I imagine it will get
scratched rather quickly. Especially if bouncing around in a bag
or backpack for a while. But seeing as that’s not really the selling
point behind this little first world problem solver, I’m willing to let it
The lighting honestly, is great. Much better than I thought
possible on a camera phone. Being able to adjust the lighting to
fit the lighting situation, or your skin tone really makes it worth the
while. I even tried it reversing the light and takin a non-selfie
picture and it still turned out much better than without.
So, if you love selfies, want to have better selfies, or are just in
the need for a cool gift to give your makeup/selfie obsessed friends,
the FL II is for you!


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