With a focus only on professional makeup training, Blush School of Makeup offers all of its experience and resources towards one goal - launching your makeup career!


Mission & Philosophy

We believe that the best education is one where a student not only hears and sees the concepts but practices and practices under the direct supervision of a trained instructor. That is why we keep a small class size and maintain a favorable student to teacher ratio at all times. The tools, materials, insight, and instruction to learn are readily available to students.

Focus and self-expression are key. Blush School of Makeup teaches its disciplines differently from other schools; instead, our passion and expertise are in makeup and makeup only. We foster the growth of each artist’s passion, from stage to bridal, we ensure that they are ready to freelance as a professional the day they graduate. The proof is in the caliber of our graduate artists.

Deanna Borocz

Check out our student's Q&A video on attending "Blush Makeup School" Becoming a Certified Makeup Artist, on her YouTube channel "Deena does her Thang."

Benefits of Attending

  • A full 720 clock hours of hands-on instruction from experienced, working makeup professionals
  • Guest artists throughout the program for specialty knowledge in technical areas, including, but not limited to airbrush and special effects
  • Small class sizes for constant and immediate educational feedback
    All kits, the pro beauty kit as well as special effects kit are included as part of the program
  • Professional photographers are scheduled during the program for student photo shoots to assist students in building professional portfolios
  • Curriculum includes business education as a professional artist, and extends to assisting students with the development of websites and networking skills
  • Graduates receive continuing career services for as long as needed
  • All Kits, Pro Beauty Kit as well as Special Effects Kit are included as part of the program
  • You will build Industry Professionals Networks, Collaborations. An Artist's Network is the key to success.

Master Makeup Artist Program

Learn about the scope of Blush School of Makeup's intensive, hands-on program

Admission Details

Explore the admission requirements to determine whether Blush School of Makeup matches your career objectives

"I really enjoyed attending Blush. I learned so much and had a great experience!"Carolina G